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Tax returns can be submitted at any time after 6 April 2019 so if you think you may be due a repayment you may want to submit your return as early as possible. However please note that the deadline is not until 31 January 2020 so there is no immediate rush. 

 If you would like us to prepare your 2019 return on your behalf please let me have the following: 

  • March 2019 payslip or P60, P45's or payslips from April 2018 to March 2019 if paid gross (or a note of amounts) 
  • Details of any foreign earnings and foreign tax paid Details of any bank interest (if greater than £200), dividends, personal pensions, rental income or any other sources of income or capital gains 
  • Personal pension or charity donations 
  • Student loans paid in the year or outstanding 
  • Copy of your Discharge Book from April 2018 to April 2019, if your trips have not been totally foreign, copies of the ships log book (if possible). We can also include holidays and courses abroad, so please advise of any further time out. 
  • Confirmation that a foreign port was visited in the tax year if not shown in your Discharge Book (please note if you do not have a foreign port no claim is possible unfortunately) 
  • Confirmation of how you would like any repayment to be paid to you: 
  • - Cheque, UK bank account or UK nominee bank account.  

The cost of our service is £190 per return and this includes preparing and submitting the return, all associated advice and dealing with any routine HMRC queries. You can either send us a cheque for this amount, pay online (we will provide bank details) or call us and make a payment over the phone (there is an additional £5 charge for this method). Full terms and conditions available on the website. 

Communication by electronic mail (E-mail) As per usual all our communication is by e-mail which in our opinion is the cheapest and quickest method. However it is widely recognised that communication by e-mail will always carry some risk. The main risks, as advised by HMRC, are as follows: 

  • Confidentiality/privacy -there is a risk that email sent over the internet may be intercepted. 
  • Authentication - it is crucial that we only communicate with recognised clients at their correct email addresses. 
  • Repudiation - there is no guarantee that an email received over an insecure network, like the internet, has not been altered during transit. It may not therefore carry the same evidential weight as a letter. 

By replying by e-mail it is assumed that you have accepted the risks associated with e-mail and that you are happy for us to send information concerning your personal details to you by e-mail.

Furthermore you agree that we may act on any information that is sent to us through your usual email address without further corroboration. If you are not happy to communicate by email please contact us as soon as possible.

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